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(A Change in Face)

A modernised Bharhut gallery with fabricated panels and gateways creating an ambience of the age has been presented here for public view.

The renovated gallery was inaugurated on 18th March 2000 by H.E. the Governor of West Bengal, Sri Viren J.Shah and the Chief Minister of Assam was the Guest of Honour.

Introduction: The magnificent remains of the railings and gateway of the Buddhist stupa discovered in 1873 from Bharhut near Satna in Madhya Pradesh are displayed in the gallery of the Museum from 1878. The railings about nine feet high consist of pillars, cross-bars and running coping stones. The eastern gateway of the stupa about twenty- three feet high had survived the ravages of time while three others, once placed on cardinal directions were lost.
Profusely carved in red sandstone depicting scenes from the Buddha's pre- birth stories, floral and animal motifs; besides yakshas yakshinis and devatas, the Bharhut remains constitute visual store-house for the reconstruction of the political, social, economic and cultural history of India during the 2nd-1st century B.C. The sculptures of Bharhut usher in a new epoch in the arena of indigenous art tradition. Many of the scenes bear short labels in Brahmi script of the 2nd century B.C. and mention donors who provided funds for the constructions of various parts of the stupa. On a gateway pillar there is an inscription recording its erection during the reign of the Sungas by Vatsiputra Dhanabhuti.


 The old gallery

  The new gallery

 The Bodhi Tree-- the tree under which Gautama attained the Bodhi (enlightment)  Maya's Dream
 Gajalaksmi  a detail from the relic

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